Lamberton Conservatory


Alexander B. Lamberton

Originally constructed in 1911, the Lamberton Conservatory was named in honor of Alexander B. Lamberton, who was the President of the Parks Commission from 1902 to 1915. Funding to construct the greenhouse in Highland Park was provided in 1910, from Mary Starbuck who willed $20,000 to construct the structure in Lamberton's honor. Lamberton was known to be an avid sportsman who took a keen interest in Rochester's parks.

Plant Displays

The Conservatory was a magnificent addition to the Park, allowing for a display of plants found in tropical and desert environments, and seasonal floral exhibits.



Due to deterioration over time, the structure received a total restoration in 2007. The original Conservatory was dissembled down to its foundation and reconstructed with modern materials as an exact replica of the historic structure. In January 2009 the Lamberton Conservatory restoration project received the “2008 Historic Preservation/Restoration Public Works Project of the Year” award from the American Public Works Association (APWA).