Other Major Collections

Listed below are some noteworthy collections that may be found at Highland Park. Please refer to The Highland Park Guide for additional information on the botanical specimens in the park's collections.


Tree Peonies

The Tree Peony collection is located near the Horsechestnut and Magnolia collections.

Pansy Bed

Pansies by the thousands grace the lawn within the main Lilac Display along Highland Avenue. A Rochester tradition since 1904, the Pansy Bed requires the installation of 16,000 plants annually. The oval floral "carpet" measures 20 feet by 50 feet, and each year the pattern is changed. The display begins in early May and reaches its flowering peak during the Lilac Festival.


Tulip Garden

The Tulip Garden, located at the entrance to the park at South and Reservoir Avenues, provides an annual bloom of a kaleidoscope of brilliant color.

Rock Garden

Not far from the northeast corner of the reservoir is a small Rock Garden, which features a collection of small and dwarf conifers, some broadleaf evergreens, and Japanese style garden plantings. The intimate space is accented by mature specimens of pines, firs and Magnolias.


Near the Magnolias is the Barberry Collection, a plant popular for its bright berries and brilliant fall foliage.