Father William Amann

Father William Amann attended St. Andrew’s and St. Bernard’s seminaries in Rochester, as well as Catholic University of America, and was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest in 1954. Father Amann is now“retired”, but is still serving in the Diocese of Rochester, in his 63rd year of ordained priesthood. He and his family lived in the Highland Park neighborhood throughout his childhood, and he has fond memories of playing in Highland Park and racing up and down the stairs in the Children's Pavilion. Father Amann is a charter member of the Conservancy, he has dedicated many years working on the project and contributing generously to restoring the Pavilion.  He has led many tours of the Park, sharing with participants his memories of the Park and his brother Clarence’s poems that were inspired by Highland Park.

Father Amann was named Board Member, Emeritus, after his retirement from the formal board in 2018.